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Education Mentoring Program


ReadGraphic2015.jpgDid you know in Brevard more than one-third of all elementary students failed the FCAT Reading test last year? Students who lag behind in reading are more likely than their peers to drop out of high school, to be unemployed or underemployed and to end up on welfare or in prison. Third grade reading proficiency is critical for continued academic success.

To reduce the unacceptable third grade reading achievement gap in Brevard, United Way is piloting a reading mentor program. This is your opportunity to help! We are seeking individuals and teams for our pilot program.  

What you’ll be doing:
Work with struggling readers volunteering at after school programs as part of the 21st Century grant with Brevard Public Schools.  Additional opportunities are available at local community youth centers.  



Training will be provided, and a Level II Background Check is required. (Expense reimbursed upon request.)

To join the mentoring program click here to view volunteer opportunities.  


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Tax Dates9:00 am

VITA Training
@ SCHF Center for Collaboration
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11_5.jpg10 to 11:30 am

Free Financial Workshop 
@ SCHF Center for Collaboration
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November 910 to 11:30 am

Social Security Benefits
@ SCHF Center for Collaboration
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