United We Win

Health Overview


Being healthy is vital, making it possible for youth to be successful in school, individuals to be productive at work and for all to live a good life.  Our United Way was able to make our community healthier by focusing our efforts on:

Child Abuse Prevention

Healthy Families helped 219 families prevent child abuse and neglect, and promoted healthy child development thanks to $696,400 in grant funding.

Health Care Access/Literacy

Through a grant, United Way navigators assisted consumers, small businesses, and their employees (824 families) as they looked for health coverage with the online Health Insurance Marketplace.


Feed and Read Program

This cross promotional strategy which addresses summer hunger and reading loss provided 3,600 children with more than 16,000 books as well as
15,000 take-home meals. We also provided trained reading mentors at 36 sites throughout our community.

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  2018 Campaign Video

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  Stephanie's Story

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  Big Guy, Mimi & Regan's Story

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