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retiree.jpgWhether you’re already enjoying your retirement or planning it, United Way offers several ways for you to remain connected and active in the community.  This is your golden opportunity to get further involved with the things that TRULY matter to you.

If you discover that you have more free time to invest, you might also find it rewarding to volunteer for various initiatives throughout Brevard. Plus, helping others has a long term positive effect on your satisfaction with life, and even your health. Research shows that individuals who help others are more likely to live longer!  As part of the hardest working generation in the history of America, United Way of Brevard wants to offer you a chance to put your valued work ethic and vast knowledge to good use by helping those in need.

Plus, you can help solve some of our most challenging social problems!  We simply cannot do it without you.

Click here to match your individual interests and talents to volunteer needs in Brevard.

Keep me informed. I’m interested in learning more about how my time or gift can change lives and strengthen our community.