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United Way of Brevard




As a United Way supporter, we need your help and it only requires your time! That’s it.

We are truly excited about an opportunity to bring a Pumped Up Fitness Challenge to Brevard Public Schools. We are sharing our video entry with you because we need YOUR HELP to win up to $100,000 from USA Today.

So here’s our request:
1.    VOTE
2.    VOTE DAILY thru  May 12 (Click here to see our cool trick to remind yourself.)
3.    GET YOUR FRIENDS and FAMILY to help!

Simply click here to vote for the Pumped up Fitness Challenge.  (Lots of of people are voting. Page may take a minute to load.)

Thanks for your support! We hope we can count on you!




Another life changed thanks to you!
Colton's Story

Colton_A.jpgColton is a vibrant, 22-year-old man, who suffers from a severe developmental disability that prevents him from communicating verbally and requires him to rely completely upon others for his personal care. Colton graduated from high school in 2015 at the age of 21, and enrolled that summer in Bridges, a United Way partner agency.

When Colton first enrolled at Bridges, he would not engage with his peers or Bridges staff. He spent nearly all day in his wheelchair, facing away from the group activities taking place. But the caring and persistent staff in his program got to know Colton and encouraged him to get out of his wheelchair and engage in activities. Four months after enrolling in the day program, Colton moved into a group home. As program staff continued to work with him, Colton became more and more outgoing.

Today, the young man who refused to get out of his wheelchair is now walking around the center with support, and sitting at tables with his peers, fully participating in group activities. He smiles all the time and is able to communicate his choices, readily responding to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. He is stronger and more independent every day. Colton’s quality of life has improved immeasurably thanks to the community support that makes programs like this possible.