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Free Tax Prep Day Feb 15

United Way offers free tax prep!
This is a speical one day event.  Our normal sites open in January 2019. Click here for dates and times.


HealthFirst Mayor Fitness 2019 Short

2019 Health First Mayors’ Fitness Challenge

2019 LogoEleven Mayors in Brevard are challenging their citizens to get involved in a healthy competition – the Health First Mayors’ Fitness Challenge.

Each Mayor will assemble the largest possible group of people from the community to form a city team. Everyone who joins for a municipality is considered part of that mayor's "team." All you have to do is start moving and track it!

The winning team will be determined by the total number of minutes exercised by the members of each team. The municipality with the most points will win the challenger trophy, “Most Fit City 2019.”

The 8-week challenge begins on Saturday on February 2 and runs through March 30, 2019.

The Challenge also includes a “Great Weight-Off” component. The individual top weight loser (calculated by percentage of weight lost) during the 8-weeks will win a $500 cash prize. There will be a top female winner and a top male winner. All participants of the "Great Weight-Off" must be weighed in at a Health First facility between January 21 and Feburary 1st. You may also weigh in a one of the kickoff locations on February 2.

All participants must register online. (T-shirt deadline has passed.)

Click here to register

Click here for more details.

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EITC ReminderTax time is just around the corner 
Did you know the EITC, earned income tax credit is the federal government’s largest benefit for workers? Did you also know one out of five eligible taxpayers who qualify don’t claim it.  Millions of people are not taking advantage of this valuable credit they earned.  United Way can help. We offer free tax prep! Sites open in January 2019. Click here for dates and times.

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