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United Way Offers Free Preventative Health Workshops

Programs presented by a Certified Health Educator
United Way is fighting for a healthier, more resilient community by promoting healthy eating, physical activity and offering programs to increase healthy lifestyles and improve health.
Workshop topics include:
•    Lowering Cholesterol without Drugs…and is it really necessary?
•    Healthy Hearts (What to do to keep your heart-and brain- healthy)
•    Searching for the Sandman (Helps you sleep better and reduce or prevent insomnia)
•    How to Stop Smoking Now and Forever without drugs (If you’re ready, this is for you!)
•    Bodycare from the Inside-Out (Nutrition and Bodycare)
•    Cancer Prevention for Today and Tomorrow (Most is preventable, really.)
•    Managing Your Stress (No matter the cause or holiday)
•    Preventing Food Borne Illnesses (Happens more than you want to know)
•    Diabetes Prevention/Management (Whether you are a diabetic or live with one)
•    Eating for Health and Performance (For your get-up and go!)
•    Preventing Trips and Falls (Oops….!)
•    Preventing or Managing Arthritis (Good to know if you’re having “issues”)
•    Our Memory and How to Improve it (Know anyone who doesn’t need this?)
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MichaelEdwards.jpgMichael F. Edwards, MA, CHES
Michael Edwards is a nationally recognized author and Board Certified Health Education Specialist. He has over a dozen years in Health Promotion and Wellness and has served under the US Department of Defense as the Health Education Program at 3 military bases (including Patrick Air Force Base), researching, implementing and evaluating programs to improve health and reduce healthcare costs.
To attend or host a workshop at your location, please contact Michael F. Edwards, MA, CHES or call 321- 631-2740.

Upcoming Workshops

3 Trinity Towers W Melbourne (Cancer Prevention for Today and Tomorrow) 10:30
4 Sunflower House Merritt Sq. Mall (Stop Smoking NOW and Forever) 10:30
5 Martin Anderson Sr. Center Rockledge (Secrets of Managing Stress for Good Health) 12:05
11 W. Melbourne Library, (Exercise Basics for Adults) 1:00
12 South Lake Towers 2:00 (Preventing GERD and Acid Reflux Without Drugs) 10:00
13 Westminster Ashbury Apts Cocoa (The Good, Bad, and Ugly of GMO’s) 10:30
13 Cocoa Beach Library (Searching for the Sandman) 2:00
18 Freedom 7 Senior Community Center Cocoa Beach (Searching for the Sandman) 11:00
19 Hibiscus Court Melbourne (10 Nutritional Secrets for Any Age) 11:30
25 Glenbrooke Sr. Apartments Palm Bay (Preventing Trips and Falls) 2:00
26 Palm Bay Senior Center ((Preventing GERD….) 12-1
1 Trinity Towers W Melbourne (Memory Improvement) 10:30
18 Cocoa Beach Library (Memory Improvement) 11:00
23 Freedom 7 Senior Community Ctr. Cocoa Beach (Preventing and Managing Arthritis) 11:00
31 Palm Bay senior Center (Preventing Food Borne Illnesses) 12-1
Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard West Melbourne (Good, Bad, and the Ugly of GMO’s) 10:00
17 Emmanuel Methodist Church/Project Relief (Memory Improvement) 1-2