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Health Literacy and Access

United Way Offers Free Preventative Health Workshops
Programs presented by a Certified Health Educator

United Way is fighting for a healthier, more resilient community by promoting healthy eating, physical activity and offering programs to increase healthy lifestyles and improve health.

Workshop topics include:
•    Lowering Cholesterol without Drugs…and is it really necessary?
•    Healthy Hearts (What to do to keep your heart-and brain- healthy)
•    Searching for the Sandman (Helps you sleep better and reduce or prevent insomnia)
•    How to Stop Smoking Now and Forever without drugs (If you’re ready, this is for you!)
•    Bodycare from the Inside-Out (Nutrition and Bodycare)
•    Cancer Prevention for Today and Tomorrow (Most is preventable, really.)
•    Managing Your Stress (No matter the cause or holiday)
•    Preventing Food Borne Illnesses (Happens more than you want to know)
•    Diabetes Prevention/Management (Whether you are a diabetic or live with one)
•    Eating for Health and Performance (For your get-up and go!)
•    Preventing Trips and Falls (Oops….!)
•    Preventing or Managing Arthritis (Good to know if you’re having “issues”)
•    Our Memory and How to Improve it (Know anyone who doesn’t need this?)

Michael F. Edwards, MA, CHES
Michael Edwards is a nationally recognized author and Board Certified Health Education Specialist. He has over a dozen years in Health Promotion and Wellness and has served under the US Department of Defense as the Health Education Program at 3 military bases (including Patrick Air Force Base), researching, implementing and evaluating programs to improve health and reduce healthcare costs.


To attend or host a workshop at your location, please contact Botavia Jackson or 321.631.2740.


United Way Offers Navigators to help with Health Insurance Enrollment
Trained HealthCare.gov Enrollment Specialists to Provide Free and Confidential Help

Professionally trained Navigators are available throughout Brevard to help people in our community enroll in health plans via HealthCare.gov. The 2019 open enrollment period will open in November.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a health insurance plan. Thanks to a grant sponsored by the University of South Florida, United Way of Brevard is able to provide Navigators to assist our community.

United Way’s Navigators guide consumers through the enrollment process, including the amount financial assistance available, to help families make the best coverage decision possible. Additionally, Navigators are licensed in the State of Florida. Navigators also provide information on public programs such as Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Navigators can also provide information and forms for special enrollments, exemptions, setting up online accounts, and help with current applications requiring updated information.