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Some problems we choose to tackle and some choose us

Fires, flooding, recent hurricanes and even the end of the shuttle program, United Way has been there.
We surround Brevard’s most critical problems and we fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person.

In addition, while most nonprofits focus on a single group or issue, United Way of Brevard tackles problems facing our community as a whole. When we tackle them together, we achieve greater results. That’s why we also support a broad range of safety net services and invest in programs that keep people from reaching crisis points. We address our community’s most basic needs helping individuals and families find a sense of stability.

United Way is the trusted community source that mobilizes our community to care.
Ultimately, this creates a stronger economy and a better place to live for all.


Our Work



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Video Success Slot One

  2018 Campaign Video

Event Slot One

Tax Dates9:00 am

VITA Training
@ SCHF Center for Collaboration
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  Mary & Tony's Story

Event Slot Two

11_5.jpg10 to 11:30 am

Free Financial Workshop 
@ SCHF Center for Collaboration
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  Big Guy, Mimi & Regan's Story

Event Slot Three

November 910 to 11:30 am

Social Security Benefits
@ SCHF Center for Collaboration
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