COVID-19 Stories of Hope
Learn more about families receiving emergency assistance.

As we fund local Brevard families in need, we’ll share some of their stories here. These are actual families helped thanks to you! Each client has a case manager helping them not only with funding but connecting them with other resources in our community to meet their basic needs.
38-year-old single father of three children twins boys 16 years old and daughter age 11. Client is a driver for Black Diamond Shuttle Express, which a taxi service mainly in Melbourne Airport. He is currently employed; however, his income has been drastically decreased in the last month due to COVID -19. His take home pay decreased from over $120 dollars per day to $30 per day. Currently, he resides in a Melbourne motel with his three children. He is struggling to pay for his room at the motel and food and has no other source of income. COVID-19 Fund paid for another month at the hotel.  

This message was posted on Facebook on behalf of this client. “Thank you United Way of Brevard. I've been trying to find support and resources for a family of 4 (1 father and three teenagers). The father's income, as a taxi-cab driver, has been negatively impacted due to COVID-19. There are currently living in a hotel paying weekly for one room. Last night, the dad received a call that United Way will cover their rent for one month! Incredible! This will definitely help see the family through an extremely stressful period. Words can't express the family's relief!”

49-year-old widow with a 12-year-old son. This client has worked at a local restaurant/bar for the last 3 years and was furloughed due to the COVID 19 crisis. She is living paycheck to paycheck. Her employer provided a letter of the business closure effective 3/17/20 until government approves reopening. The employer indicated they do not pay employee for leave however employee may return to work once the business is reopened. She was encouraged her to apply for unemployment. She had applied for unemployment and food stamps. She is extremely worried about her rent and the rest of her bills and maintaining a home for her son. Her landlord confirmed rent was past the due date. Her case manager provided her additional resources for food pantries, community resources including Easter meal. The client has applied for Food Stamps and is still trying to apply for unemployment. She noted her frustration in trying to apply. She has no other sources of income or savings. She states she needs assistance through this crisis and intends to return to work as soon as this crisis is over. The United Way COVID-19 Fund assisted with her April rent and utilities.

Grandparent raising Grandchild. Client is a 58-year-old single woman and has custody of her 5-year-old granddaughter. She was working as a receptionist and was laid-off. This client currently has no income. She is asking for assistance paying rent only. She has applied for food stamps and has been approved. She has also applied for Medicaid for her granddaughter. COVID-19 Fund paid her rent.

Married with reduced income. Clients are a married couple whose children are grown and out of the home. The wife is a hair stylist who works in several nursing homes which have closed to visitors as a result of COVID 19 and she is out of work as a result since the first week of March. She does not have paid leave and has applied for unemployment. She is able to return to work once the COVID crisis is over. The husband works for a tow truck company that has scaled back employees due to travel restrictions and shelter in place orders. He has been transitioned from a salaried position to an on- call position, working for commission only. The husband reports since COVID 19 crisis began his salary has decreased significantly and likely to continue to decrease until crisis is over. They are worried about paying rent and utility bills during this crisis. Their case manager provided additional resources for food pantries and other community resources including an Easter meal. United Way of Brevard provided assistance with utilities.