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Success Stories

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Please include a story about how your agency helped an individual or a family through the funding you received from United Way of Brevard. The story must be from within the last year and must be related to the program for which you are receiving funding. United Way of Brevard will use these stories in our annual campaign marketing materials and if your agency is selected, this could mean increased awareness for your agency. If your story is selected, we will need to contact the client for photographs and additional details.

Success doesn’t mean that they have fully overcome the issue, but that your agency has helped to put them on the right path. This doesn’t need to be a beautifully written narrative or the most shocking situation. Think about the clients that you really wanted to help. When you lay your head down at night and go to sleep which ones are you worried about? If you are making a connection with them, donors will too!

We look forward to showcasing the work we are doing together in our community!