Campaign Toolkit

ECM Toolkit

Congratulations! You have been chosen to represent your organization in this year's United Way Community Campaign. Being an Employee Campaign Manager (ECM) is all about motivating, educating, and inspiring your co-workers to give back to their community.
Your number one responsibility is to ensure that all your co-workers are given a non-coercive, educational opportunity to participate in United Way’s Community Campaign. You will share the needs in our community and educate your co-workers about how they can make a difference right here at home!

2019 ECM Guide
2019 Brochure
2019 Community Impact (See where your donations go!)
2019 Success Stories
Community Need (Alice Report)
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Goal Poster
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Thank you Poster
Pledge Card
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Smartie Making Choices Game

Sample Messages:

Announce the Campaign
TO: All Staff
RE: Changing Lives and Strengthening our Community
I’m excited to announce that our 2019 United Way campaign will be kicking off shortly. Those of you who have participated in the past know that investing in United Way fights for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person. Whether it’s for a crisis or referral call to 2-1-1, free tax preparation, a hot meal, counseling services or after school programs, 1 in 4 people in our community will use a community service or partner program of United Way this year.
Very shortly, we will all have an opportunity to be a part of this critical work. I urge you to find out more about how United Way is affecting your community. Visit their website at and attend one or more of our upcoming campaign events. You will see that your support is truly making a difference, in countless ways.
Please join me at our kickoff on DATE at TIME at LOCATION. Join the fight with me this year!
Announce the Campaign Kick-off
TO: All Staff
RE: United Way Campaign Kick-off Today!
Everyone is invited to take part in our United Way ICE CREAM SOCIAL, POTLUCK LUNCH today in the LOCATION at TIME.
Come learn about all of the cool ways your United Way investment is changing lives and strengthening our community!
CEO Short Endorsement Message 
Dear (Employee Name):
At COMPANY NAME, we believe that when one person is helped through a difficult situation, our whole community is made better. We partner with United Way because they fight for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person. 
Here are just a few reasons why I believe in United Way (and why I hope you will support our campaign this year):

  • United Way leverages our donations to do more. Every ONE dollar we donate brings an average of THREE matching dollars into our community.
  • 1 in 4 people will use a United Way service this year (that’s probably someone you know and care about).
  • Every program in United Way’s funding process is carefully vetted by countless, qualified volunteers to ensure that our donations are doing the most good.
  • United Way provides not just a safety net of emergency services (food, clothing, shelter, etc), but also programs that help put people on the path toward a stronger future, such as books and mentors for young children, financial education classes for struggling families, and access to healthcare
I hope you will consider participating in the campaign this year. Whether you give to United Way and help our whole community, or designate to a specific human-service charity that you feel passionate about, payroll deduction makes it easy to give.
Together, we are changing lives and strengthening our community! What could be better than that?
Update on Campaign Progress
TO: All Staff
RE: United Way Campaign Update
Thank you to everyone who has invested in a better future for our community so far!
We’ve reached NUMBER/percent of our $XX,XXX goal. Last week’s NAME OF SPECIAL EVENT was a great success thanks to your participation and HIGHLIGHT FROM EVENT.
There’s still time for you to participate. Even if you decide not to pledge, please by DATE so we are sure you’ve had the opportunity to participate.
You can play an essential role in making our community a better place. Won’t you join us today?
Sample CEO Campaign Thank You
You’ve helped change the future for so many in our community. THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our United Way campaign!
I’m proud to announce that this year, XX percent of our employees gave, raising $XX,XXX. COMPANY NAME team has truly impacted our community this year!
I encourage you to stay informed about the impact our gifts will make by visiting or following them on Facebook.
Whether you’re a donor, a volunteer or both, thank you for taking an active role in making our community a healthy, vibrant place to live and work. You are what this community needs!
CEO Leadership Ask for Potential Donors: (suggest sending on company letterhead)
Dear NAME:
Every person deserves a chance at a healthy, successful life. United Way fights for that chance for every person in our community, every day. When we support United Way we become a critical part of the solution to community problems.
Through United Way’s safety net of partner agencies, we are providing food, clothing, shelter, counseling services, comfort and emergency services to people in challenging life circumstances. Through early grade reading and childhood nutrition programs, we are making sure that kids start out their lives healthy and literate, giving them a significantly higher chance at a successful life. We are providing financial education classes, free tax preparation and access to healthcare to struggling families. We are changing lives and strengthening our community.
As a leader in this organization, you are critical to the success of our company and our mission. You also set a positive example for others and inspire them to take action. Will you join me in giving at the leadership level this year and help inspire others to get involved this year? A leadership level gift is easier than you think (just <$21/$20> per paycheck through payroll deduction) and you’ll ensure that the programs I mentioned above continue to change lives for the better.
Giving is a personal choice, but I hope you will consider a leadership gift, not only for the good you’ll do in our community but also to inspire others and set a strong example.
Thank you for your leadership at COMPANY and in the community! You make this community a better place.
Leadership Thank you to individual (for Leadership Donors -$500 or more) 
Here I was trying to inspire you and you turned right around and inspired me!
THANK YOU! Your leadership gift will do more for our community than you may realize. Throughout the coming year, your gift will provide access to books and caring mentors to help struggling readers. You are helping people on the road to financial stability through financial education classes. You are preventing child abuse. You are reducing hunger.
I thank you for your generous gift, for your leadership, and for all that you do to make (Organization Name) prosperous.