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Education Overview


Quality education is the cornerstone of our new strategic direction.  Research shows that a strong educational foundation leads to better employment opportunities and a more competitive workforce.  Higher educational attainment is a direct corollary to higher income, better health and a host of other factors that make individuals, and communities, more productive.  The third grade reading FCAT scores for Brevard Public Schools reflect that overall 64% of third graders passed, while only 40% of Brevard’s Black, non-Hispanic passed.  United Way’s strategies to address this challenge include greater access to books, expanding reading mentoring and reducing summer learning loss.  

myON tools

United Way brought myON, an interactive digital library, to seven schools and it was so successful, Brevard Public Schools expanded the program to nearly all Title 1 schools. Almost Brevard students have read more than 1,000,000 books.




 Mentoring Program
To reduce the unacceptable third grade reading achievement gap in Brevard, United Way is working with reading mentors who serve as positive role models for at-risk youth and helping them improve reading skills. 

Summer Reading Loss Prevention
In partnership with Brevard Public Schools, we launched the sixth year of a community-wide awareness campaign to keep kids reading over the summer. This campaign consisted of summer reading loss prevention brochures for elementary students and advertising on television, radio, print and bus wraps.


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