Education myON

What’s going on with myON in our community?

myON is the world’s largest interactive digital library with over 8,000 books. United Way brought myOn to seven schools and it was so successful Brevard Public Schools expanded the program. Since that time, Brevard students have read more than 1.5 million digital books! Brevard Public School elementary school children have myON access this summer.  Just use your 7-digit student ID as your username and password.  

Why students like myON

myON knows kids individually — age, interests, reading level, books they’ve read, and suggests other books they might like, at their reading level.

Kids have 24/7 unlimited, anytime, anywhere access, available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Students have access to thousands of books from over 26 publishers—70% nonfiction and over 10% Spanish.





Lexile Framework for Reading  - Real-time data for teachers and students

Three key assessments are embedded to easily track, measure and forecast student reading growth:
  • Placement exam measures initial reading ability 
  • Optional end-of-book quizzes assist with comprehension, inference skills, and higher-order thinking skills
  • Benchmark tests assess reading growth. Through these assessments, reports illustrate reading level, time each student spends reading, quiz results and benchmark scores. Students can track their reading growth through a trajectory report and educators can compare students to the class and district goals.