As part of our role with the Brevard County Emergency Operations Center ESF 15 (Volunteers and Donations), United Way of Brevard is serving as a centralized clearinghouse for those wishing to volunteer for COVID-19 response for Brevard.
At this time volunteers are needed to help local nonprofits respond to a spike in demand for services. Many organizations have a reduction in volunteers because their normal pool is comprised of those in the high risk category for server complications with COVID-19.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and are needed in the follow types of areas:

  • Answering Calls for 2-1-1
  • Food Distribution at local sharing centers and food pantries
  • Preparing and Distributing food at soup kitchens
  • Volunteer Tutors and Mentors

Click here if you would like to help.  

Once you sign up as a COVID-19 disaster volunteer, you will begin receiving emails based on immediate needs.

For more information contact Keith Heinly, Director of Community Impact at