Campaign Setup Information- This form does not need to be completely filled in if you do not have all the available information. Please complete and submit any info that you do have.

United Way of Brevard will contact you directly for specific details needed to set up regional, national and/or global giving sites.

Please choose the pledge types available to employees. An option for employees who choose not to pledge (No Gift) is available by default.

Campaign Emails

The following questions reference emails that will be sent to your employees during your ePledge campaign from our system. Templates for emails can also be found in your ePledge ECM Coordinator materials. Our ePledge staff can also help you create and schedule emails to send to your employees before, during and after your ePledge campaign.

Campaign reports will be scheduled to your email daily.

  • Please Note: UWB requires 10 business days from submission of your finalized employee file to complete your customized ePledge campaign site build and required security hardening.

  • If you have any questions please contact ePledge Manager Nicole Duncan at

Items marked with an asterisk(*) are required. Please review your responses and make sure you have answered every question with an asterisk (*).

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